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In Front of the Camera Acting Training

Our students who are interested in acting can take acting lessons in front of the camera. Trainings at Panora AVMActor Studio Art CenterIt will be given by a director and cinematographer with 23 years of experience in the field. Our students will initially receive 6 hours of entry-level training in 4 weeks. Afterwards, our students who want to receive advanced level education will be given 8 hours of advanced level lessons within 4 weeks. At the end of advanced trainingActor Studio In Front of the Camera Acting Training Certificatewill be given.

Startup Training

- Entry to the set

- Job descriptions

- Actor and set communication

- Actor and director communication

- Supporting actor definition

- Difference of supporting actor from main actor

- What the supporting actor should and shouldn't do on the set

- General set rules for supporting actors

- What needs to be done to become an actor

- Improvisation 

Advanced Training

- Scenario definition, reading and understanding the scenario

- Character definition and character coloring techniques

- Improvise and create characters from given text

- Applied acting (character animation from text)

- Dual camera recording

- Playback and analysis

- Headshot, audition and showreal

You can contact us for detailed information.

0535 609 92 82

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