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Stüdyo Görseli

27th Year in the Industry

In the 25 years spent in the industry, we have produced television drama series, documentaries, children's series, sitcom series, actor and cast shootings, and video clips. In some of them we were employees, and in others we were personally involved in the work. 

Professional Equipment

We try to obtain the best equipment. It is important that our work goes as planned and there is no disruption in our workflow.


Starfish, Don't Forget Me, Forgive Me, The Most Beautiful of Loves, I Loved You Once

Don't Leave Me, Newbie Moms


TV series Don't Forget Me, Don't Leave Me, Forgive Me, Beginner Mothers, Lonely Hearts.

Ev Ortamında Kamera Kaydı


We have a studio with an endless white background inside the Actor Studio Art Center in Panora Shopping Center. Available for rent when desired. It is also possible to benefit from the facilities of the art centre. With its large cafeteria and terrace seating areas, there is a healthy organization opportunity for crowded participation.

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